Current Writing


My main writing project at the moment is my dissertation. To learn more about that, head over to the Science section of the site.

I am an occasional contributor to Motherboard, a channel for, where I often write about science, and what it's like being a scientist. You can find some of my articles, and a few where I'm quoted or interviewed, by clicking here.

And there's always a chance I'll write something for the blog associated with my podcast, The Paleocave. You can see just the pieces I've written for the blog here.

Past Writing


I principally write online about either science or comic books. I am formerly a contributor for the now shutdown, You can still find my old pieces there though, here are two of my favorites: Comics that show good depictions of marriage and how the Batman vs. Superman movie is helping with actual bat conservation. You can see the rest of the articles I wrote for them here.

An editor at the site reached out to me to see if I had any thoughts on whether or not it would be possible to keep a tamed tiger healthy during the apocalypse. Turns out I did and you can read the result here


American Geophysical Union Blogoshpere

I participated in an event where I met with legislators in Washington DC to discuss geoscience funding. The organization that sponsored me asked me to write a blog post about my experience doing so, which you can read here

I’ve also helped AGU promote National Fossil Day via a couple of blog posts:


I began writing for in 2010 when the then head of their website now promoted and generally awesome dude Ryan Penagos wanted someone to write about the real world science of Iron Man in anticipation of the release of Iron Man 2. I was happy to do it and wrote a series of articles that led to me being a regular contributor to the site doing interviews of creators, writing my own articles, and covering little events like San Diego Comic Con. Sadly most of that content is no longer on the site, I will maybe try to find a way to resurrect my favorites in the future.



I wrote for for three and a half years beginning in 2010. During that time I produced a weekly column, often attempting to connect comics and science in some way, however obscure, as well as occasional news pieces and podcast appearances. All told I produced well over 200 pieces of content for the site, and you can scroll through them (including my podcast appearances) here.