This is what I look like standing next to some fossils.

Hello, my name is Ryan, I'm a paleontologist and podcaster currently working on my PhD at the University of Wyoming. Besides science, I really like mountain biking, craft beer, and comics. I'm married to a totally awesome person named Juliana, you should probably check out her art website and blog once you're done with my stuff. Here's what you can find on my site:

  • The Science - Want to know a little bit about my research or download my CV? This is the spot.

  • The Podcast - My show is Science... sort of. If you want more info about that and my other podcasting endeavors go here.

  • Support My Work - Science ain’t free and funding ain’t always easy to come by. Have a few bucks to spare that you want to see go towards scientific research? I’d be happy to make that happen for ya!

  • Contact Me - Interested in having me give a lecture or be a guest on a podcast? Drop me a note! (Or just say hi, that’s always nice too.)

My twitter feed is below, and you can always connect with me via the social media links at the bottom of the page.