This is what I look like.

Hello, my name is Ryan, I'm a paleontologist and podcaster currently working on my PhD at the University of Wyoming. Besides science, I really like mountain biking, craft beer, and comics. I'm married to a totally awesome person named Juliana, you should probably check out her art website and blog once you're done with my stuff. Here's what you can find on my site:

  • The Science - Want to know a little bit about my research or download my CV? This is the spot. (You can also donate to help support my research, if you're a deranged billionaire dedicated to supporting science. Thanks in advance.)
  • The Podcast - My show is Science... sort of. If you want more info about that and my other podcasting endeavors go here.
  • The Writing - While I'm terrible at maintaining a personal blog, I do write a lot for other people's sites, find them here.

You can contact me here, read my twitter feed below, or connect with me via the social media links at the bottom of the page.