Logo design by Thomas Queen

Logo design by Thomas Queen

I co-host a podcast called Science... sort ofWe began the show in 2009 in Santa Cruz sitting around a table with a microphone plugged into a laptop, and now we've done over 200 episodes, featured all sorts of amazing guests, and are regularly downloaded in every continent (yes, even Antarctica, we have friends stationed there).

You can listen to the show on our website or subscribe via iTunes.

We also created a network of other science podcasts called the Brachiolope Media Network, I heartily recommend listening to all of them.


You can stream one of my recent favorite episodes below:

I also have been a guest, recurring or otherwise, on lots of different, and even non-science, podcasts. You can find a list of those shows here: Podcast Guesting (coming soon)

We occasionally do live shows, which are lots of fun! Check our various social media pages to see if there are upcoming shows. If you want us to perform a show near you, let us know at paleopals@sciencesortof.com

A live recording of our show at the Science Club in Washington, DC!

I'm also fortunate enough to get to go onto other podcasts as a guest, which is always a lot of fun. I'm a member of the iFanboy Animation Brains Trust, which discusses animated movie comic book adaptations. I'm also recurring guest on the excellent Star Wars Minute. And finally, I produced a number of episodes of the show Skeptoid, which critically analyzes pop phenomena. I mostly focused on cryptozoology and creationism. I've done the occasional spot on other shows too, but I'd say these are my favorites.

Skeptoid Episodes